Fire suppression systems for trains protect your passengers and workers

Bulbeck Fire on 16 May 2017

Train fire suppression systems are your best defence against fire

In Australia, metropolitan trains can carry upwards of 1000 commuters at a time, regional services often involve dozens of service staff, while freight trains carry thousands of dollars worth of cargo every day.

Because of this, fires on board trains can be devastating—potentially harming hundreds of passengers and workers, and causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to valuable equipment and resources.

The best way of defending against fire? The installation of train fire suppression systems—they're your first defence against onboard fires. They protect your train, its cargo and its occupants.

For specific product information, see our train fire suppression systems page.

How fire suppression systems for trains work

Fire suppression systems for trains are installed where a fire is most likely to occur—in a train's engine bay. There they can be applied to the engine, generators, electrical systems, and hydraulics. Fire suppression systems feature:

heavy equipment fire suppression system
  • Dual chamber cylinder
  • Pneumatic detection tubing
  • Discharge tubing and nozzles

The chamber cylinder is mounted in an appropriate position within the engine bay, while the pneumatic detection tubing is woven around and above critical risk areas. Up to 10 nozzles are installed to deploy the fire suppressing extinguishing agent.

In the event of a fire, the detection tubing bursts at the hottest point (approx. 170°C). This causes a sudden depressurisation, which triggers a special pressure differential valve. The engine or components are then flooded with a powerful extinguishing agent which suppresses the fire in seconds.

What to look for in train fire suppression systems

Tested in all conditions. To ensure reliability in all situations, fire suppression systems for trains should be tested for strength and reliability in a range of conditions, not only desirable ones.

Customisation for your trains. No two trains are exactly alike, so systems need to be easily customisable to suit different engine bays, equipment stores, and intended applications.

Approval to Australian Standards. Fire suppression systems for trains for use in Australia should comply with Australian Standards 5062-2006 Australia fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.

TS-55 and Berki Cold fire extinguishing agents. These two agents are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They are completely safe for use with humans, animals or local environments nearby.

Choose a system tested to SP Method 4912 standards

For reliable performance, long-term durability and your own peace of mind, your chosen train fire suppression systems should be tested to SP Method 4912 standards.

Why are these standards so important? Because SP Method 4912 guidelines require fire testing using a life-size replica of an engine compartment. They ensure that both compartment and fire extinguisher system are subjected to 5 different types of fire sources across 11 different fire test scenarios.

The test apparatus also includes a variety of components and potential obstructions that represent actual engine features and typically encountered blockages.

City Circuit Supporting

If your system is tested to SP Method 4912 standards, you can rest assured knowing it'll perform, regardless of:

  • The number of fires
  • The source of the fires
  • The severity of the flames
  • Fire location
  • Grade of obstruction

All fire suppression systems for trains supplied by Bulbeck Fire are tested to SP Method 4912 standards.

Benefits of Bulbeck train fire suppression systems

At Bulbeck Fire, we supply Vehicle Misting Compact Line Systems (CLS) for trains. We choose to stock these systems as they provide a number of benefits over comparable units from other manufacturers.

1. Quick and easy installation directly inside the engine bay

Our train fire suppression systems provide a higher level of effectiveness with fewer parts required. The cylinders, tubing and nozzles are applied quickly and simply to the engine bay, close to where fires begin.

2. Immediate detection of fire

If a fire occurs, its heat will immediately cause the pressurised sensor tubing to burst, flooding the area with extinguishing agent. This early detection minimises fire damage to your train and property.

3. Complete suppression of fire

train at station supporting

The powerful FireDETEC® TS55 extinguishing agent quickly and completely extinguishes the fire only moments after it begins, stopping the flames from spreading to nearby areas and carriages.

4. Cost effective

Our train fire suppression systems provide 24/7 protection. They keep your train operational and minimise repair costs by preventing the need to replace expensive equipment that has been damaged by fire.

5. No electrical supply required

The simple yet powerful design of our train fire suppression systems means that no electrical supply is needed in order for the system to operate.

"The best way of defending against fire? The installation of train fire suppression systems."

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