A vehicle fire suppression system prevents harm to passengers and damage to property

Bulbeck Fire on 1 March 2017

Bus fire suppression systems are your first defence against fire

In Australia's harsh dry climate and often unpredictable conditions, it is essential that buses, large vehicles and coaches are equipped with appropriate fire suppression systems.

Despite this, many buses on our roads still do not have an adequate vehicle fire suppression system. As exemplified by a recent incident involving a bus bursting into flames on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You can prevent this hazard to public safety and your property by installing appropriate bus fire suppression systems on your vehicle. They are your first defence against fire.

How bus fire suppression systems work

At Bulbeck Fire, we choose to supply Vehicle Misting Compact Line Systems (CLS) for buses.

These systems are installed in your bus engine bay. They use a loss of pressure sensor tube to reliably detect fire and then release the extinguishing agent to stop the fire before it can spread.

Vehicle Misting Fire Suppression Systems feature:

  • A selection of environmentally friendly extinguishing agents
  • Compact design for installation on Buses
  • Discharge control that meters the discharge at the unit valve

The pressurised sensor tubing is installed above and around the engine, which is the most likely location for ignition. If a fire occurs, the heat causes this sensor tube to rupture and the system discharges.

The sudden tube depressurisation activates a special pressure valve and instantly floods the entire engine area with extinguishing agent. This quickly and effectively suppresses the fire, minimising damage to your vehicle and preventing potential injury to passengers.

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Benefits of Bulbeck bus fire suppression systems

Bulbeck fire suppression systems offer a range of benefits over comparable systems from competitors. These benefits include ease of installation, superior reliability and environmental friendliness.

1.1 Ease of installation

Because of the smaller size of Compact Line Systems, they can be installed more easily, quickly and with a minimum of vehicle downtime. So you can get your bus back on the road sooner.

1.2 Superior reliability

Bulbeck bus fire suppression systems are tested against 5 different sources in 11 different fire scenarios. The tests focus on ensuring a reliable discharge despite vibration, shock, temperature or corrosion.

1.3 Environmental friendliness

Both the TS-55 and Berki Cold fire extinguishing agents in this type of vehicle fire suppression system are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is completely safe for use with humans, animals or local environments nearby.

1.4 Monitoring

A pressure switch can be installed on the system, which enables secondary electronic operations via a control unit dashboard. The dashboard informs the bus driver that a fire has occurred by sending a visual signal. The system is 100% automatic, but it can be combined with a manual actuator if needed.

What makes a vehicle fire suppression system from Bulbeck Fire different?

2.1 No bulky and cumbersome designs

Compact line systems are as the name implies, compact. The system cylinder is just 55cm in length and 20kg in weight. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the space available.

This combined with the discrete thermal detection tubes means that your new vehicle fire suppression system will take up very little space. So it can be installed simply and unobtrusively.

2.2 No accidental discharge

For safety, Bulbeck fire suppression systems are equipped with a special heat-sensitive tube. The sensor tubing is connected to the cylinder and is pressurised with 16 bar nitrogen gas.

The oil and dust resistant sensor tube bursts only at approximately 175°C, triggering the fire extinguishing process. So there is no accidental discharge or unintended release of the fire extinguishing agent.

2.3 Approved to Australian standards

All products sold by us at Bulleck Fire have been certified to meet Australian standards. Our bus fire suppression systems adhere to: Work-cover and AS 5062-2006: Australia fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.

Rigorously tested for long-lasting reliability

3.1 Fire tests in accordance with SP Method 4912

Our bus fire suppression systems are fire tested in accordance with SP Method 4912.

Fire testing is carried out using a full-scale mock-up of an engine compartment. This test apparatus features a range of parts representing some typical engine features and complemented with obstructions.

Five types of fire sources are combined into 11 different fire test scenarios.

Each differs with respect to fire source, severity and location, grade of obstruction, number of fire sources used at the same time and forced air flow rate applied through the apparatus.

3.2 Component tests

The focus in component testing is on ensuring environmental durability in regards to general wear and tear. For example, the effect of shocks, temperature, vibration, and corrosion on the system.

Component tests include:

Vibration and shock testing combined with temperature cycle: Test carried out in accordance with ISO 16750-3, a standard for environmental testing of electric/electronic equipment for vehicles.

Corrosion resistance testing: In accordance with ISO 21207, Test Method B.3, which is an accelerated corrosion test simulating 14 years of service in a more severe industrial or traffic environment.

Enclosure of electrical/electronic equipment testing: The suppression system should at least fulfil IP65 degree of protection in accordance with IEC 60529:1989/A1:2009/COR3:2009.

"All products sold by us at Bulbeck Fire are certified to meet Australian standards."

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