Protect your personnel and assets with a fire suppression system.

Bulbeck Fire on 9 August 2016

Protecting assets and personnel is critically important for any business. Unfortunately, fires can occur anywhere, and workplaces must be adequately prepared.

The most effective way to prepare for a fire event is to install an automated fire suppressions system alongside regular fire readiness measures. Not only do these systems quickly and effectively extinguish fires in their early stages, but they are also designed to minimise the damage to business assets.

Here is an introduction into what fire suppression systems are and how they work:

What is a fire suppression system?

Fire suppression system on a bus

A fire suppression system protects the engine on this bus from fire.

Fire suppression systems are designed to automatically detect and extinguish fires in the critical early stages after ignition.

The purpose of these systems is to keep people safe while also minimising the potential damage a fire can cause to business assets like vehicles, plant, and sensitive electrical equipment.

The most basic form of fire suppression is a sprinkler system that's triggered by heat. While these are effective at combatting fires, they also cause a great deal of water damage to valuable business assets like computers.

More advanced systems can use other means of fire suppression that does not damage sensitive assets.

Automated fire suppression systems are typically installed alongside other means of combatting fires, including portable fire extinguishers and hose reels. The benefit of installing a fire suppression system alongside these other measures is that they are specifically designed to detect fires - quickly. They also extinguish them in a way that will cause the least additional damage your assets.

Fire suppression system applications

The two primary applications for these systems are in buildings with sensitive assets, and in industrial machinery and vehicles.

Fire suppression system

The fire suppression system in this vehicle automatically sprayed the engine with foam when it caught on fire.

These system applications work as follows:

Vehicles – High fire risk portions of the vehicle, typically the engine bay, are fitted with thermal sensors and a delivery mechanism for the fire suppressant.

In the event of a fire, a signal is sent to the operator telling them to stop and evacuate the vehicle. The fire suppressant is then automatically delivered to the source of the fire, extinguishing it.

Buildings – Rather than water sprinklers, advanced fire suppression systems for buildings use gases that deprive the fire of oxygen. The system is triggered by heat or smoke which causes evacuation alarms to go off.

After a predetermined delay period, the gaseous suppressant is delivered to affected zones. This causes the oxygen in the air to drop to a level that does not support combustion but is still safe for people to breathe.

Bulbeck Fire Suppression Systems

Bulbeck Fire is an industry leader in fire suppression systems. All our systems use intelligent risk assessment to determine whether or not fire conditions pose an unacceptable risk. This ensures fire suppressants are used only when necessary - minimising interruptions and downtime.

Our fire suppression systems include:

Gaseous Fire Suppression

The Gaseous fire suppression system uses environmentally clean and electrically non-conductive gases matched to your specific needs. The system is designed to cause no damage to sensitive assets, making it perfect for installation in data centres, telecommunications systems, power generators and vehicles.

Compact Line Fire Suppression Systems (CLS)

The CLS fire suppression system is an all-in-one system ideal for use in small spaces. It can be custom-configured to fit the needs of a variety of vehicles, including buses and road haulage, as well as small to medium plant, like emergency generator sets.

Stryker Fire Suppression System

The Stryker fire suppression system is designed to protect vehicles and mobile equipment from fire damage. The system can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles, including mining machinery, motor homes, road-registered plant and recreational vehicles.

For more information about our fire suppression systems, call the Bulbeck Fire team on 1800 530 401.